one could only wish :(
dying inside

ive never been hurt so much, im falling apart, i cant even stop it. the tears roll down my face everyday, everyday im scared to live. Surprised my heart is still beating, im in so much pain, it hurts to breathe. i can barely eat anymore, sick to my stomach. no longer scared of death, more like a wish. ive never loved someone so much before, i dont know what to do. How do you not lose yourself but still be with the one you love? i need everyone, i need him, i need my friends, they were my support system. im scared, scared that ill lose who i am if i stay, but scared ill lose the love of my life if go. never so torn, never enough. i hate love, i wish i never fell into it, maybe id still be ok. i regret so much, i wish i could take back all my mistakes. id be so much better off. i never wanted anything other then to be his everything. i give all the love my heart has left and i get nothing back.  i need the man i fell in love with. he wasnt controlling he was loving and understanding, he really knew how to make someone feel like they are worth a million dollars. he didnt make me give up friends, hobbies, goals or anything. he loved me for me, but apparently i wasnt good enough for him anymore. i made mistakes but ive been trying to make it right but apparently that got me no where either. what do i get in return? i get ditched, i get pushed to the side and i get lied to over and over and over again. i need the old him back, i really do. someone who is there for me, lets me have a life outside of our own, i wouldnt try and replace him or do anything behind his back, i learned that the hard way and i wish everyday i could take it back. i need friends, i need to be Danielle not a slave. I am a person and i have feelings too </3


yes….just yes

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